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Our main goal is to make the high quality of long-distance calls REAL for everyone.
We offer the LOWEST prepaid phone card tariffs, in addition you can become the owner of such card without going anywhere its all on your computer

Cheaper - online prepaid calling cards cost you less than collect calls for example

Faster - immediate online PIN delivered to you

Comfortable - great amount of different phone cards without leaving one site, just one phone card that you can refill, and no more statements!

Continental phone card   Customer Rating

Connectivity 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10
Voice Quality 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10
Billing Accuracy 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10
Customer Service     9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10

Overall 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10 9 of 10

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The Continental is the most convenient multipurpose online prepaid phone card of the whole market. You can always rely on the high quality of service and low tariffs for all directions, as well as enjoy a set of useful features. This card is refillable with PIN-less dialing, Speed Dialing and Online History easy access. The Continental Phone Card means multifunctionality and great comfort.

Continental Dialing Instructions:

First Step: Dial Access Number and listen to the prompt

Step 2: Give your PIN number and listen to the prompt

Step 3: Dial the number you need and finish with pressing the # key for a perfect quality.

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